I wanna thank everyone who has help me build this wiki, before it was just me!

I wanna do shoutout to Hollowness for all the help with template! 

Without her this wiki, would be "very, very" Ugly! So when you viewing the site, and enjoying the gorgeous templates and theme thank her! ;D 

I also wanna thank WiiamGamer5 , and ZombieAxeHero for the character info!

I also wanna thank the Devil's Third Reddit for shouting us out, I'm also an admin of that reddit now!

Also Shoutout to Gaz A for the ingame screenshot!

I'm very thankful for everyone who has taken time out of there life, to help me with this project! This site would be nothing without you guys, thank you all!! 

Y'all Rock!  --NobleX96 (talk) 16:45, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

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