Have you had a chance to check out Portal:Community?

It has been updated, it now shows 3 different Blog Feeds. All blogs should default to Community Blog Posts unless you remove it. But for blogging about Devil's Third Wiki: News, Notices and Updates we have a new feed for that or for any Official Devil's Third News and Updates we have a new feed for that too!

All you have to do to make sure you blog is in the correct feed is making sure it is in the correct Category:

Devil's Third News and Updates - add the Devil's Third News Blogs category
Devil's Third Wiki Notices - add the Devil's Third Wiki Blogs category
Community Blog Posts - Blog posts [Default]

If by chance you end up using the wrong Category don't worry you should be able to edit your post or an admin will assign it the correct place!

Devil's Third News and Updates - Is for Devil's Third Official News and Updates only. No speculations please.
Category:Devil's Third Wiki Blogs - Is for Devil's Third Wiki News, Notices and Updates.
Community Blog Posts: - Feel free to post about anything Devil's Third related: Opinions, Character Theories, Game Reviews, Boss Strategies, etc.

If you have any Questions or Concerns on this new Wiki Feature please comment or Message me on my Wall :)

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