Ivan vs. Beatrix Kiddo

  • Both Former members of criminal groups.
  • Both have flashbacks.
  • However, Ivan seems to just be a hired mercenary and far less revenge driven than Beatrix Kiddo.
  • Both Alive.

Molotov vs. Buck

  • Both have nothing to do with the groups, and just crossed our protagonists.
  • Both cowards.
  • Both received head trauma from the protagonists.
  • Both Dead.

Big Mouse vs. Budd

  • Both probably considered second to the leaders of the groups, and were both underestimated in their abilities (Big Mouse using the Chimera Virus after being first defeated; Budd outwitting Beatrix and burring her alive).
  • Both wearing cowboy attire.
  • Both Dead.

Grundla Saha vs. Vernita Green

  • Both killed off very early with not much backstory and seemed the least despicable, and almost a shame they were killed off.
  • Both were wielding melee weapons.
  • However, they were opposite genders and Grundla Saha felt quite betrayed by Ivan turning his back on SOD. And Vernita Green, tried to appeal to Beatrix Kiddo using the fact she now had a family and that she should be spared.
  • Both Dead.

Jane Doe vs. O-Ren Ishii

  • Both have Ninja Armies (Ninja Soldiers vs. Crazy 8s) and embraced the Japanese culture.
  • There is also a sadness about both of them.
  • However, Jane Doe was intimate with the protagonist and was spared. O-Ren Ishii was not spared.
  • One Alive and one Dead.

Ludmilla Karenina vs. Elle Driver

  • Both jealous of the protagonists; with no real reason besides that.
  • Both killed their own people.
  • Both seemed to be directly serving under the leaders of the groups.
  • Both only assumed Dead.

Isaac Kumano vs. Bill

  • Both felt betrayed by their pupils.
  • Both older men.
  • Both dead.


I figure coincidence, but their is some uncanny likenesses noticed. But the Protagonists had the least in common, backstories don't match up at all, besides leaving the groups they were in. SOD never hunted after Ivan. It was more confronting his past allies and saving the world; rather than revenge. He took more revenge approach after the fact his pupil C4 was experimented on and even then, nothing compared the Kill Bill's level of revenge.

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