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Dr. Toshio Maeda is a world-renowned Japanese physicist that developed the alloy known as Rhenium X.

Upon the capture of the Braat Islands by the School of Democracy, Maeda was held captive in order for the SOD to procure as much of the precious alloy as possible. Later on, he is rescued by Ivan and Delta Force.

His English voice actor is currently unknown, though he was voiced by Yukimasa Kishino in Japanese.

Background Edit

One of several War Trophies obtained during Mission 6 reveals that he was nominated several times for a Nobel Prize for his work, though never received it due to his reputation as a alcoholic.

Plot Edit

Mission 6: Edit

He first appeared when Ivan and Bob came up to his room at the Rhenium Plant. Toshio Maeda was held captive there to only let the S.O.D to obtain electricity for their bases and to keep the alloy. Bob and Ivan attempted to persuade Toshio Maeda to turn on the power. He explains the how the other countries came to him and why the S.O.D kept him at the power plant. But, he was being somewhat difficult (mainly to Bob) as he kept drinking alcohol. He was convinced by Ivan as he gave his alcohol to Maeda.

Personality Edit

Though Maeda is a genius, he has earned a reputation as a somewhat childish drunk. Rumor has it he even attempts to feed alcohol to his cat.

Quotes Edit

"No matter. Are you going to shoot me?"

"Join me?"

"So, the spiteful bastard grabbed the mines just to keep the Rhenium out of their enemy hands." - Maeda explains the S.O.D involvement with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Maeda is one of the only major characters whose English voice actor is uncredited. Other characters include all members of Delta Force aside from Bob.
  • Maeda's Japanese voice actor, Yukimasa Kishino, has also supplied the voices for Burter in Dragon Ball Z, Brad Wong in Dead or Alive 3 and 4, and Cao Cao in both Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi.
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