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The Sovershennyy is a hideous mutant creature that appears to be the pinnacle of the School of Democracy's biological experiments. Ivan and DEVGRU encounter it and several Chimera upon reaching the Cosmodrome on Milakshiy Braat Island during Mission 8. As such, it serves as the sixth boss of the single-player campaign.

Abilities/Combat Strategy[]

Though the Sovershennyy is roughly the same size as the Guinea Pig and it is fought in a large open area, it is far more mobile thanks to the rocket engines on its back. It is also far more powerful, still possessing the acid vomit that can momentarily stun Ivan if he comes in contact with it while adding a rapid-firing bomb launcher that gives it a massive amount of range. To make matters worse, several large Chimera are present during the battle, making very difficult to focus on the Sovershennyy itself.

Due to its overall size and strength, the only weapon that is truly effective on the Sovershennyy is the RPG; Ivan will obtain one in the cutscene prior to the battle. There are several ammo boxes scattered throughout the area, but stopping to reload can be extremely hazardous, as a few shots from the Sovershennyy's bomb launcher is all it takes to kill Ivan. Therefore, the general strategy is to sprint throughout the fight, slowing down only to reload and fire at the Sovershennyy.

Another ideal method of defeating the Sovershennyy is to keep the "tower" structure between you & the boss, using it as a shield from its attacks. During this time you can chip away at its health with assault rifle fire with relative safety. Of course, using this strategy you will have to kill nearby Chimera so they do not disturb you later.


  • The word "sovershennyy" is Russian for "complete".
  • Given the above information, as well as a similar visual appearance and ability to vomit acid, it can be assumed the Sovershennyy is an advanced version of the Guinea Pig.