Solo-play (also known as the Campaign) is a single player Game Mode in Devil's Third. It involves the player,

taking control of Ivan and stopping the S.O.D.

Story Edit

After the S.O.D use the Kessler Syndrome, to start wiping out most if not all of the satellites in orbit above Earth, Ivan is tasked by admiral Caraway to stop them.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike many modern third-person shooters, it does not adopt an over-the-shoulder approach, instead opting for a more traditional camera that is directly behind the character, save for when ducking behind cover. Melee combat consists of chaining together a series of attacks, often followed with a cinematic takedown. In addition, melee weapons can be swapped, thrown at enemies, and stolen mid-counter.

Missions Edit

(Work in progress)

Collectibles Edit

There are Collectibles that can be found in Solo-Play.

War Trophies Edit

6 War Trophies can be found in every mission.

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