Costume Skill Edit

A skill that is awarded to the player based on wearing a particular costume piece.

Costume Skills
Quickdraw Improves the speed of switching weapons.
Clip Size Increases the number of bullets you can bring into battles.

Incase of 10% vor each point, always rounding down. Also affects X-Gear and Throwing Weapons

Stealth Shortens the time a player is revealed on enemy radar.
Recovery Shortens time to recover health.
Run Speed Improves travel speed.
Health Increased the total amount of health.
Melee Att Increases damage done by your melee attacks.
Melee Def Reduce damage received by an enemy's melee attacks.
Blast Res Reduces damage received from explosions.
Poison Res Diminished damage caused by poison.
Fire Res Diminished damage caused by flames.
Stun Res Diminished the amount of time a player's vision is blurred by stun grenades.

Set Bonus Edit

A special skill that is awarded to the player when three pieces of the same costume set are worn simultaneously.

Set Bonuses
Anti-Radar Makes gunshots undetectable on opponents' radar.
Minesweeper Allows you to see land mines.
Scavenger Increases the amount of ammo received when you pick up a ammo box.
Martial Arts Improves the striking power of bare-handed attacks.
Guard breaker Increases the chances of causing a Guard Break on an enemy.
Super Guard Reduces the chance of your guard being broken.
Poison Imm Nullifies poison.
Fire Imm Nullifies flame.
Stun Imm Eliminates the blurry vision usually caused by stun grenades.

Load Out SkillEdit

Load Out Skills
Gun Master Gun Master is the load out skill for the Assault Class, it allows you to equip another powerful firearm as a secondary weapon.
Light Feet Light Feet is load out skill for the Sniper class, It makes you invisible on enemy radar even if you dash.
X-Gear Boost X-Gear Boost is the load out skill for Gunner Class makes it easier to fill your X-Gear Gauge.