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The prisoners are detainees of the Guantanamo Bay detention center and serve as the primary enemies in Mission 1, which is the only mission they are encountered in. They are led by Molotov.

Plot Edit

Prison Riot: (Mission 1) Edit

The prisoners escape from their cells when the School of Democracy engages the Kessler syndrome and wipes out all satellite-enabled electronics on the planet. They take over the prison in a matter of hours, wiping out most of the guards in the process. Upon learning that Ivan (the so-called ghost of Guantanamo Bay) is working for Charles Caraway, Molotov orders them to take him down. Thanks to Ivan's superior combat training, however, he makes short work of them and eventually makes his way to Molotov. All the remaining prisoners spectated the fight between the two, fleeing upon Molotov's inevitable death at Ivan's hands.

What happened to the remaining prisoners isn't clear, but it is likely they were pacified and detained once the situation was back under control.

Abilities Edit

The prisoners are highly aggressive and rather unorganized, making use of whatever they can find to try and kill Ivan. This can range from broken iron bars to guns stripped from the detention center's guards to even their bare hands, hinting that they have little to no proper combat training when compared to the soldiers of the S.O.D. As a result, they aren't much of a threat if the player remains on their toes.

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