Optical Camouflage Sodiers are a Unit of the School of Democracy consisting of Soldiers with the ability to become nearly invisible. They are led by Ludmilla Karenina.

Plot Edit

Mission 7 Edit

Optical Camouflage Soldiers first appeared when Ivan and Delta Force walked toward a ship crash site. They hold off their position on the boat's deck able to shoot Gil at his legs only wounding him. Ivan and Delta were able to neutralize the Optical Camouflage Soldiers. They were seen again inside the boat but Ivan neutralize them all. They made a final attempt with with Riot Troopers and Tactical Engineers to stop Ivan and Delta before they can reach the LZ point. Despite all their efforts they failed.

Mission 9 Edit

Shortly after Ivan and Gold Team entered the Cosmodrome they were ambushed by a group of Optical Camouflage Soldiers accompanied by two Tactical Engineers. After Ivan and the Devgru Team repelled the attack and fought their way through the Cosmodrome they attacked once again but this time the Optical Camouflage Soldiers were killed by Poison Gas deployed by their own Leader Ludmilla as she tried to kill Ivan and Gold Team with no remorse of sacrificing her own soldiers. Ivan survived however.

Abilities Edit

Optical Camouflage Soldiers wield OC-14 RIS Assault Riffles for ranged combat and Knifes for close combat. They have special armor that allows them to blend in into the environment around them. They are known to sneak up on their enemies for the first and usually last attack.

Trivia Edit

Visible Optical Camouflage Soldier

An visible Optical Camouflage Soldier

  • Judging by their Voices, they seem all to be female. However their Bodybuild says otherwise.
  • They are the only S.O.D troops with female voices.
  • On their Emblem is "Zenit" in russian letters written.
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