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These Ninjas first appeared in Mission 5 of Devil's Third and followed Jane's orders.


Mission 5:[]

These group of highly skilled Ninjas were led by Jane and C4 to kill Ivan, and Delta Force. C4 led the first wave of these Ninjas at the roof after she founded Ivan. They were later seen ambushing Jim and Ivan at roof just right after Jim ask Ivan if that was a cat. The ambush was a fail since Jim and Ivan defeated those Ninjas. At one point three ninjas joined with two heavy armor soldiers to defeat Delta Force, they were shot down by them.

Mission 8:[]

These Ninja only appeared when they three came out to defeat Ivan while two Golem soldiers were on porch shooting at the Russian. Elite Ninja Soldiers were also seen to when Ivan kill them on the stairs.

Mission 9:[]

Elite Ninja Soldiers and regular were station to stop Ivan right up the command center and some were also station a vent.


Ninja Soldiers: Ninja Soldiers mostly come in units of 4 or more. The are equipped with P90 TRs and Ninja Swords. They have roughly 200 health.

Elite Ninja Soldiers: Unlike their regular counterpart, their eyes glow blue instead of red. The are equipped with SG_552_RIS and a Katana melee weapon. They have roughly 400 health.


Jane's Ninjas are very quick on feet and when attacking with their ninja swords.


These Ninjas were trained by Jane by herself stated by Ivan in mission 5.