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Molotov is the head of the inmates in Guantanamo Bay and serves as the first boss of the game. After his defeat by Ivan, he cowardly attempts to run away while mocking Ivan for not killing him. Ivan then jokingly agrees and shoots him in the back of the head.


Like most of the other inmates Ivan encountered in Guantanamo Bay, Molotov is highly aggressive and violent. It's unknown why he held supremacy over the other prisoners, though it seems likely that he managed to obtain a stash of weapons and used fear tactics to keep the others under his reign.


Molotov was able to competently make use of various firearms as well as his namesake, the Molotov cocktail, but compared to Ivan, he absolutely paled, not helped by the fact that he does very little work himself in the boss battle against him. When pushed to his limit, he simply fires indiscriminately in vain, hoping he'll get lucky and manage to shoot Ivan.

As he mostly remains in one place during the fight against him, he is by far the easiest boss in the game.


  • "You know what happens if you poke your head out?" -to Ivan before the fight with him
  • "Die, motherfucker!" -to Ivan before the fight with him.
  • "You beg real nice, maybe I'll kill you quick!" -during his boss battle
  • "Crawl on out, you goddamn cockroach!" -during his boss battle
  • "I'm still alive, asshole...big mistake." -to Ivan after being defeated and seconds before Ivan guns him down