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November 11, 18:30
Over Mladshiy Braat Island

...there was also the secret Cosmodrome, effectively a ICBM launch facility... And a man waiting to get his hands on it. Issac Kumano, the head of the SOD... Now, Kumano's got enough missiles to blow the world back fifty years.
- Stella Maynard

Mission Objectives[]

  • Destroy the pursuing helicopters
  • Disable the enemy anti-air weaponry
  • Continue through the trenches
  • Disable the enemy anti-air weaponry
  • Enter the trenches
  • Destroy the enemy tanks
  • Infiltrate the enemy fortress
  • Eliminate the enemies inside the building
  • Defend your allies
  • Break through the enemy defenses
  • Disable the enemy anti-air weaponry
  • Pass through the wall breach
  • Neutralize the enemy boss