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November 11, 15:30
Braat Fugi, Western Slope,
Tundra Pass

Ivan, this is the Zenit Security compound Maeda was talking about. We've confirmed it's a SOD front. Assaulting the base won't be easy - - Zenit's ranks are filled with with ex-Soviet special forces.
- Charles Caraway

Mission Objectives[]

  • Defeat the enemies in your way
  • Accelerate and jump the gap
  • Infiltrate the enemy front-line base
  • Defend the building and buy time
  • Plant the explosives
  • Eliminate the enemies on the beach
  • Escape into the drainage pipe
  • Defeat the hidden enemies
  • Clear the dock of enemies

Known Casualties[]

  • Sam (Delta Force)
  • Jack (Delta Force)
  • Delta Soldier B01
  • Delta Soldier B02
  • Nick (Delta Force)
  • Golem Soldiers (S.O.D)
  • Tactical Engineers (S.O.D)