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November 08, 17:00
Braat Special Economic Zone,
Central Stree Area

C4 must have meant the Central Hospital in the downtown area -- the SOD has the entire sector locked up. Smells like a trap.
- Stella Maynard

Mission Objectives[]

  • Head for the train station plaza
  • Enter the destroyed church
  • Wipe out the enemy forces in the plaza
  • Destroy the enemy tank
  • Escape into the hotel
  • Follow the mysterious survivor
  • Destroy the forces on the opposite bridge
  • Investigate the underground facility
  • Break into the Braat Central Hospital
  • Investigate the hospital
  • Find the backup generators
  • Enter the hospital basement
  • Neutralize the enemy boss

Known Casualties[]

  • Nick (Delta Force)
  • Chimera (S.O.D)
  • Guinea Pig (S.O.D)
  • Hazmat Soldiers
  • Golem Soldiers
  • Tactical Engineers