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November 08, 14:51
Stary Braat Island,
Braat North Air Base

Since Russia signed the Economic Development Treaty with the U.S. and Japan, there's been a lot of activity on this particular island.

Your team will begin operation at the U.S. Military Base on Stary Braat Island.

- Charles Caraway

Mission Objectives[]

  • Wipe out the enemy forces in the airport
  • Eliminate the enemy forces
  • Open the gate
  • Survive until the door opens
  • Escape from the area
  • Eliminate the enemies near the fuel tanks
  • Destroy the enemy elite unit
  • Quickly escape from the area
  • Eliminate the enemies in the hangar
  • Face Saha

Known Causalities[]

  • Saha (S.O.D)
  • Bill (Delta Force)
  • Golem Soldiers
  • Tactical Engineers
  • Security Guard