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Maps (also referred to as Stages) are arenas that are playable in Devil's Third's online Drills and will house clan fortresses during Siege Matches.

Available Maps Edit

The Naval Base

A harbor set somewhere in Washington. Players will often find themselves battling upon the large freight ships in the center of the map, but they will need to watch out for the water surrounding them, as it causes instant death if they fall in.

Naval Base

A Team Deathmatch in the Naval Base.

NorCal (Northern California)

A map in the ruins of San Francisco, very near to the Golden Gate Bridge.

SoCal (Southern California)

A map set along California's US-Mexican border, likely somewhere near Los Angeles. Post-Kessler, it was supposedly taken over by Mexican drug cartels, acting hostile to any strangers foolish enough to come anywhere near the area.

Grand Canyon

A map set in the famous canyon in Arizona. It features very uneven terrain and plenty of plateaus for players to climb on. Those favoring sniper rifles will find perfect hiding places in this map

The Rockies

A map set in the famous Rocky Mountains that run through several mid-western states, namely Colorado.




Texas is a stage set in an Old West-style town.

The Delta



A snowy map set in the province of Quebec, thus making it the only map that is not set in the United States, but rather Canada. There are only a small handful of open areas on this map, forcing players to get up-close and personal in the rooms and hallways of the various buildings dotted around.

The Factory

A map set in an industrial workyard featuring many buildings players can take cover in. According to the Power Standings map, it takes up a great deal of Wisconsin and Michigan.

Old Dominion

Old Dominion

A Transporter match in the Old Dominion map.

A map set in an abandoned trainyard. According to the Power Standings map, it takes up Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina.


The Wetlands is a small marsh area in Florida that feature high platforms in the trees.

New York

New York is a map based in a blocked off part of New York City that has yet to be completed. As such, players will be dashing along the beams of the under construction skyscrapers and taking cover inside large metal containers.

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