Kukri Soldiers are a Unit of the School of Democracy consisting of Close Combat Specialists. They are led by Grundla Saha.

Plot Edit

Mission 3 Edit

Many Kukri Soldiers participated on the strike on Stary Braat Island and were led by Saha. Their objective was to neutralize Ivan and Delta Force. Their first notable action was one Soldier jumping from the ceiling attempting to kill Bill and Bob. They were able to slit Bill's throat but Bob was able to eliminate the two Kukri Soldiers. They later tried to stop Ivan from meeting their boss Saha via Ambushes and direct assaults. However Ivan defeated all the Kukri Soldiers that got in his way.

Mission 6 Edit

A small group of Kukri Soldiers tried to stop Ivan and Delta from rescuing Toshio Maeda but failed.
Kukri Soldier

A Kukri Soldier

Mission 8 Edit

Some Kukri Soldiers were present when Charles Caraway and his flying Circus attacked Mladshiy Braat Island and tried to defend their base. When they spotted Ivan they tried to kill him but with no success.

Abilities Edit

Kukri Soldiers

Kukri Soldiers in action

Kukri Soldiers specialize in close quarter combat. They are fast, agile and skillfully wield their Kukri knives and challenge Ivan with high-speed hand-to-hand combat. They also tend to throw blades.

They are known to be fearless and bothersome enemies.

Trivia Edit

Their Berets can be bought and worn in the Multiplayer. A Beret can also be found by Ivan in Mission 3 in Score mode.

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