Kessler syndrome (also called the Kessler effect,collisional cascading or ablation cascade).

Is proposed by the NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler in 1978, is a scenario in which the density of objects in low Earth orbit (LEO) is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascade—each collision generating space debris that increases the likelihood of further collisions. One implication is that the distribution of debris in orbit could render space activities and the use of satellites in specific orbital ranges unfeasible for many generations.

In Devil's Third Edit


The Kessler syndrome is used by Isaac Kumano to wipe out most if not all of the satellites in orbit above Earth. As a result, every electronic on the planet that used satellite technology ceased to function, thus leaving every country at the mercy of the School of Democracy. It is especially crippling for the United States military, who made use of satellite technology for navigation and to strike their enemies from afar. Without it, military action has been scaled back to direct infantry confrontation, similar to combat during the Second World War.

In Devil's Third Multi-Player Edit

Devil's Third Multi-player take places some years After the Events of Solo Mode. Post-Kessler most North America as gone into chaos with most of it States in ruin, many Clans have taking control of most the U.S.

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