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Jane Doe is a high-ranking Spanish member of the School of Democracy. She is Big Mouse's wife and seemed to serve as a guinea pig of sorts for his biological experiments. After Big Mouse and Grundla Saha, she is the third SOD member that Ivan encounters in the single-player campaign, making her the game's fifth boss.

She is voiced by Andrea Savo in English and by Hiromi Suru in Japanese.

Background Edit

The only substantial bit of background aside from her marriage to Big Mouse is that she (along with Ivan) was trained in the assassination arts by Isaac Kumano. She did not participate in the city attack that resulted in Ivan abandoning the SOD.

Though she has no definitive role in the SOD, she has an army of ninjas that she sends to dispatch the Delta Force upon their arrival in her village. Judging from Ivan's comments about them, she may have trained them herself.

Plot Edit

Mission 5: Edit

Jane only made an appearance in Mission 5 of Devil's Third. Through out the mission Ivan believes that Jane was calling him with her singing. When Ivan meets up with her, she greets him in a seductive manner before screaming to turn off the lights and be extension "perform better." As they both fight Jane give out tidbits about Big Mouse's project on a transgenic formula, stating that she and the other test subjects are no longer human, but monsters.

After the fight, Ivan asks her where the S.O.D base is, but she only gives a hint: find the prisoner in the Rhenium Plant. She then tells Ivan that C4 was among the S.O.D. members experimented on before going on to say how much she idolized him. In one last attempt to kill Ivan, she pulls out a knife from her breasts and slowly approaches him. Ivan quickly disarms her and slashes her eyes out, neutralizing her.


Personality Edit

Befitting her appearance, Jane is extremely seductive, further proven in her wearing a erotic dress, revealing a lot of her skin and back, even showing quite a bit of cleavage as well as a g-string for bottoms, almost fully revealing her buttocks with some long, see through socks as a battle outfit. She has a cold disregard for others, even to her own husband if her calmness when Ivan encounters her is anything to go off of.

She has a strong taste for traditional Japanese music and clothing, as she is shown in a geisha-like attire and playing a shamisen when Ivan finally discovers her. She is implied to be the woman singing in the background during the second half of Mission 5, thus proving she is also fluent in Japanese.

She also tends to laugh or moan when she grapples Ivan as if she is taunting or mocking Ivan when she puts him in an erotic or sexual hold, fitting her battle outfit and her personality. She tends to try to put Ivan off guard by trying to distract him with her body or tease him about their former relationship, making her a very good seductress. Although this does not work, she can very easily entice and backstab most people she comes across making her very dangerous along with her training that she has received.

Abilities Edit

While competent with a rifle, Jane is very nimble and is a deadly close-range fighter. During her boss battle, she will attempt to perform powerful kicks upon Ivan that can easily knock him backward and away from her. She will also attempt to grapple him with her legs. She has 4 special grapple animations. The first being a simple frankensteiner, the second being a reverse frankensteiner but instead of her putting Ivan's face near her hip, she plants his face under her butt in a suffocation maneuver until she throws him. Her two final animations can kill Ivan instantly! The first being where she does a spin onto Ivan's head, (as if she is riding him) and then pulling him down onto the floor and begins to put him into a head scissor hold. If you do not get out in time she will snap Ivan's neck and get up. Like other bosses in the game, she will instantly kill you if she gets this attack on you. The attack starts when she goes low to the ground and then starts running. Once she gets close enough, she will lunge and try to do a jumping body scissors, and if connected, she will mount your body, push her hand on Ivan's face, forcing him to the ground, smacks him with her rifle, and then fires at his head.

It seems the Chimera virus gives her increased visibility in the dark and how she set up her battle with Ivan to give her an advantage by causing it be a very low light situation. This is further supported by how after she is defeated, her eyes are visibly different, most notably with her the iris of her eyes now being either a white, or pale yellow color.

Like with Saha, weapon fire is practically useless against her, and due to her fast physical attacks, melee weapons aren't nearly as effective as they normally would be. It's recommended to fight her bare-handed (or with melee weapons), dodging her attacks and waiting for an opening to strike. Fighting her henchmen should be done with the tree between Ivan & Jane Doe, to shield Ivan from her weapon fire. Although the gunfire isn't the best way to deal with her, if you hit her with around 20 bullets in one burst, she will get knocked down for a short while, allowing you to do significant amount of damage. But any melee attacks will make her stand up and fight as normal, so you should continue firing when she is knocked down.

Future Ideas Edit

While it is not for sure if Devil's third is getting a sequel for the Switch or any future consoles, many may ask what will happen after these events. I believe that Jane Doe has a high chance of getting to a sequel of Devil's third due to the fact she was not killed like a lot of the other bosses in the game. If she becomes a boss yet again for these sequels, I have some ideas on how her fight should go. Edit

How did I change the map? I spaced out the map more, then I removed one of the sides of the dojo and then created a bridge to a garden. The garden is nearby a river. This provides a less compacted fight and makes it more lively. I also detailed the rooms to be more unique. Obviously Jane's would be the most unique out of all of them.

Introduction- Ivan enters the area, and sees how the dojo changed and begins to see the changes. She made a garden, added a river. She also designed her rooms more with one having a kitchen, a katana stand, a bathroom, a bed, and a wrestling mat. Ivan finally locates Jane near a mirror, looking at her self. Ivan begins the conversation with the following, "Jane, how did you heal from the wounds and the blindness?" Jane responds with, "Big Mouse's formula lasted a lot longer than you think. The formula has the ability to regenerate the user who takes it." Ivan follows with, "Why didn't the other S.O.D members fail to recover then?" Jane responds with, "You killed the others, not me. You cut them off before you could see the regeneration. As for Kumano, he bled out so fast that the regeneration couldn't help him in time." Jane then continues with, "So why are you back here? To neutralize me again? Or are you here for another reason." Ivan responds with, "Jane, I wanted answers on where the S.O.D base is, not to hurt you. You resisted and for that I needed to neutralize you." Jane giggles and then says, "Ivan, slashing my eyes out was not necessary. All you needed to was ensure why it was important and I would have said. You just attacked me!" Ivan responds with, "No Jane, you attacked me. You screamed and shut down the power, then I had to defend myself." Then Jane laughs and says the following, "That reminds me Ivan, I have a gift for you." She then undresses herself into her battle outfit and then flips over Ivan. Then the battle begins.

Boss Stats- Jane will have 10 bars of health in the game, it takes a little of effort to take down a bar but it is not the most annoying amount of health. Her attack damage is pretty strong at melee, but this time she no longer has a gun. Her speed is that of the first game and now throws shurikens that are attached to her waist. I have gave her more voice lines to give her more of a personality and give her more backstory. I also gave her more grapples and special environmental grapples.

Battle Voice Lines- These activate during battle when one of the two characters get to a certain point or health during the fight

  • After Ivan successfully depletes one bar of health off of Jane, she will say- "Come on Ivan, those were minor scratches, you need to hit harder for a real woman."
  • After Ivan depletes 3 bars off of Jane's health, she will say- "I always loved your devotion and determination, but we both know you will end under me."
  • After Ivan depletes 5 bars of health off of Jane, she will say- "Bravo Ivan, you somehow managed to keep up with me, but as Kumano once said: No matter how hard you try at some things, you'll never get it."
  • Once Ivan depletes 9 bars of health successfully, Jane will say- "Ivan, you think because you see me weaken means you'll win. Seems quite unreasonable."
  • Once Jane depletes 25% of Ivan's health, she will say- "Can't keep up with me Ivan? That's why you should already give up."
  • Once Jane depletes 50% of Ivan's health, she will say- "I can't believe you Ivan, you barely fight off all of my submissions, that's how weak you truly are?
  • Once Jane depletes 75% of Ivan's health, she will say- "Come to me Ivan, and I will show you the gift I have made for you after all these years. I promise you'll enjoy it."
  • Once Jane depletes 100% of Ivan's health that is not a grapple, she will say the following before a post defeat cut scene-"Well, Well. Well Ivan. You fell under me and my body, just like the times when you first joined. You were strong, and I must admit, but my body tempted you to much and now you will receive your gift in doing so. *Laughs*

Battle- While Jane has retained most of her move set of base attacks, she has received 8 new grapples, 2 being cinematic attacks, 5 being strangles (Or moving the pad back and forth) and 1 instant kill.

  • The first cinematic attack is where she pulls Ivan to her, hops onto him, holds his body and head to prevent him from falling to the ground. She then proceeds to kiss him to make him lose his focus and then pushes him to the ground and steps on his face, laughing in the progress.
  • The second cinematic attack is where Ivan throws a punch at Jane and she catches the punch, then comes close to Ivan and makes him go on his knees. After that she pulls Ivan to her crotch and smothers him for a few seconds and drops on to him and gets up.
  • The first strangle she does is where she tackles Ivan, making him face down, and follows with a Boston Crab. If she succeeds in pulling this off, she will thrust into his back, breaking his spine.
  • The next strangle, she goes low to the ground, similar to when she does her instant kill in the first devil's third. She then proceeds to run at Ivan and leaps on him, forcing him to the ground. Then she grabs his head and locks it into her breasts and flips onto her back. If she succeeds, she will laugh at Ivan and finish the suffocation on Ivan.
  • The third strangle is when she grabs Ivan and sweeps his leg, then begins to perform a "Code of Silence". If she succeeds, she will finish off Ivan and watches his dead corpse, lay on her as she snickers.
  • Her fourth strangle is where she grabs Ivan's head, puts it in between her legs, and performs a head scissor. Unlike the first game where she also attempts to snap his neck, this time she holds Ivan's hands to try to prevent him from getting out easier. If she succeeds, she will squeeze Ivan's head until he dies and watches him lay on her crotch.
  • The final strangle begins with Jane tries to jump onto Ivan's head and force him to the ground. After that, she starts to perform a reverse facesit on Ivan. She then grabs Ivan's wrists to restrain him. If she succeeds this, then she will start to move her hip slowly and softly and starts laying back while laughing.
  • Her instant kill starts when she holds her hands in the air and begins performing cartwheels, flips and back flips towards Ivan. When she gets close enough, she will spring onto Ivan and gets up. While Ivan is on the ground, she pulls him up to her breasts and temporally smother him. While this occurs, she lays down some spike traps below Ivan. After a little more smothering, she pulls Ivan out while he is struggling for breath. She then pulls him up while he is still close and then throws him onto the spikes. She then pushes him down on the traps with her foot and then uses her other foot to step on his face into the trap.
  • Also if Ivan gets killed by Jane with a non grapple attack, a special post cut scene will occur. This cut scene begins with Ivan breathing heavily while on the floor. Then Jane enters the scene and says, "I hope you like your gift, it was made specially from me". She then pulls Ivan to his knees and gouges his eyes although he may already be blind. As Ivan yells from the pain, Jane says, " Shhh Shhh Shhh, meet darkness, its where you'll find the true light." After that, she kisses him, throws him on the floor and jumps on his stomach. This is the gift in what Jane wanted to give to Ivan. Revenge, embarrassment, and disrespect.

Special Environmental Grapples- These grapples occur when Ivan moves near a certain area and Jane successfully grabs him. These do more damage then a normal grapple. There are 20 locations where Jane can grab Ivan. All of these grapples are strangles.

  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the tree in the middle of the rooms, when Jane grabs him, she will push him into the tree and go behind the tree and grab his neck and performs a naked sleeper hold. If she succeeds, then she will snap Ivan's neck and kick him down.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the bed in Jane's bedroom, she will push him onto the bed and grab his arms. Then she will begin to press him down with her body and try to break his legs by spreading them with her legs. If she succeeds, she will spread Ivan's legs out far enough that they break and follows by suffocating him with her pillow.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near one of the stone walls, then Jane will charge Ivan into the wall and then puts him into a headlock under her armpit. She presses Ivan with her body, forcing him into the wall. If she succeeds, she will break Ivan's neck and watch him fall dead.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the wrestling mat, Jane will pick up Ivan and perform a piledriver and locks her legs around Ivan's head, performing a reverse head scissor. If she succeeds, she will perform one last squeeze on Ivan, killing him.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the river, then Jane will push him into the water and start doing a kneeling head scissor while Ivan is in the water, trapping him in it. If Jane succeeds, then she will begin to laugh at Ivan drowning until he dies and then pulls up his corpse and give him a french kiss before throwing him into the water completely.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the ropes by the entrance of the garden, then she will kick Ivan in the balls and proceed to tie up his arms and legs. She then sits on Ivan's back and grab a rope and begins to choke him with the rope, riding him like a horse. If she succeeds, she will finish choking him and will drag his dead corpse back inside her room.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the bathroom by Jane's room, she will throw Ivan into the room and put his head in the toilet bowl. She then sits on Ivan's head to prevent him from getting out easier. If she succeeds, she will begin to laugh and once Ivan drowns, she flushes the toilet.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the katana stand, Jane will kick Ivan down onto the floor and pin him down with her foot. She then grabs the katana and performs a reverse facesit on Ivan's face, attempting to impale him with the blade while Ivan is resisting. If she succeeds she will impale Ivan through the floor and will rest on his face until he dies from blood loss.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the kitchen, Jane will punch Ivan in the gut and puts him a dis-arm-er. If she succeeds, then she breaks his arm and grabs a plate and smashes it on Ivan's head. Ivan then dies from multiple head punctures.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near a corner, Jane throws Ivan into the corner. She follows then rams herself into Ivan causing Ivan to fall in the corner. Jane walks a few feet away from Ivan until she turns around and rubs her butt. She then approaches Ivan and performs a suffocating stinkface. If she succeeds, then she finishes smothering Ivan and then starts laughing at Ivan.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the chair in her room, she will push Ivan onto it and then she will then lock her legs around Ivan's head, smothering Ivan with her crotch. If she succeeds, she will finish the smother and throw him out of the chair with a frankensteiner.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the blanket that is outside, she will wrap it around his head, suffocating him. She then pulls Ivan near her and performs a dragon sleeper with the blanket around his head. If she succeeds, she will pull the blanket tighter, finishing the kill and then breaks his neck with the dragon sleeper.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the fence, Jane will knee him in the balls, then force his head in between her thighs, performing a standing head scissors. She then pulls up Ivan and place him on the fence. She then pulls up Ivan's arms and begins to squeeze. If Jane succeeds, then she will begin to laugh and snap his neck with her thighs. She then drops Ivan onto the floor.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the balcony, she will jump onto Ivan, wrapping her legs around Ivan's arms, restraining him. She then proceeds to place her hands around his face and then presses her thumbs on Ivan's nostrils, preventing air flow through his nose. She then force kisses Ivan, suffocating him. If she succeeds, Ivan will stumble near the balcony where Jane leaps off of Ivan and kicks him off. Ivan will grab and hold onto the bars of the balcony. Jane sees this and grabs Ivan's hands, causing him to let go and fall to his demise.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the leaked fountain, Jane will push Ivan onto the the fountain head, when Ivan lifts up his head, Jane plants her butt on Ivan's face. Ivan responds by resisting with his hands but Jane grabs them and starts to twist them. If she succeeds, then Jane will break Ivan's arms, and starts to stare at the stars until Ivan suffocates.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the shovel, Jane will kick Ivan down on the floor. She then grabs the shovel and performs an assisted strangulation with the shovel, locking him with the shovel. If she succeeds, she will get off the weakened Ivan and pin him under her foot. She then swings the shovel at his torso and stomach until he dies.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the hedges by her garden, Jane will trip Ivan. Then she will grab some garden sheers and break them into two. While she is doing this, Ivan is pinned under her knee until she stabs Ivan's legs, which press him into the ground. She then performs a standard facesit and grabs his hands to restrain him. If she succeeds, she will break Ivan's wrist and pull out the sheers. She then drops the sheers and pulls Ivan closer to her, finishing the suffocation.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the sofa, Jane will punch Ivan in the gut and performs a hip toss on Ivan, into the couch. While Ivan is face down on the couch, she jumps on his back and starts to apply pressure on him smothering him into the sofa. Ivan retaliate by getting up momentarily until slammed back down, giving him a quick breath. If she succeeds, Ivan will get one last breath before Jane plunges him in the sofa for one last time as the struggling Ivan finally suffocates.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near the lounging chair, Jane will throw Ivan onto the chair. She then rests on Ivan, laying on his back as if he was the lounging chair. She then grabs his arms and starts to stretch them. If Jane succeeds, she will break Ivan's arms and smash his head on the table near the chair.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near her bathtub, Jane will kick Ivan in the stomach and throw him in the tub. She will flip into the tub and grab Ivan with her legs, performing a side head scissor. While Jane is performing this, she dunks Ivan's head into the water every so often. If she succeeds, she will dunk Ivan in and drown him with her legs.
  • If Ivan is caught by Jane near her armory station, she will spit into Ivan's eyes and then grab a shadow grenade. She then throws a few kicks until Ivan regains his vision and attempts to throw a punch at Jane. She then counters this by disappearing and reappearing, grabbing him and slamming him into the ground. She disappears once again but reappears on the dazed Ivan, performing a reverse Boston crab. If she succeeds, she finish the smother and break his legs.

Ending- After Ivan defeats Jane, he says, "I came here out of curiosity, and I received my answer, although I have defeated you, I did not do it for satisfaction but for me finding what you felt. Although you tried to kill me, I still think that you can see the light and change because of it. You have not attacked that poor city and few years back, and for that, I can see justice in your body. It will just take you time to see it in yourself." Ivan then puts Jane back inside her dojo and leaves the area.

References of the sequel Edit

Story- I imagined this sort of story to be unique. Instead of Ivan taking down more bad guys or enemies, I thought of it being like a glimpse of the past. Sure, there will be more new characters but Ivan is going to be looking through the past events and seeing the result of his choices. Some learned, some continued, some wanted revenge (Jane), and some now ally with Ivan. He sees how he impacted people and wants to see the outcome.

Why is Jane like this? I made Jane act of play in these certain ways because of her known personality, abilities and appearance. Jane is a erotic character who's point was to be a sort of sexy boss more-less. She was designed knowing that people would get erections just by looking at her. I designed her as a sexualized assassin of some sort. She uses her appearance, personality, and actions to seduce people. She is a fierce opponent and should not be distracted by her temptations. I used this in her move-set to reference her personality. She uses wrestling moves because not only are they fast paced or effective at wearing down the body but that they are erotic at times.

How did you design Jane? I designed her by keeping some rules in my head.

  1. She cannot be ridiculously strong. She cannot just carry Ivan with 1 arm and not be stressed in anyway. This is obvious because it does not fit her appearance or movement speed. She can have spurts of strength that last like 5 seconds but nothing more.
  2. She cannot be overly sexual. It is her personality but she cannot just attack with her butt. If would be unreasonable if Ivan lost to Jane just by using her butt.
  3. She cannot be intense or serious. By this I mean she cannot just kick or punch the crap out of Ivan. According to her Bio, she is a seductress, not a boxer. She needs to have some sexual grapples.
  4. She cannot act like a big man. By this I mean as someone who is bigger than her. She cannot be acting like she is Big Mouse or heck even Guinea Pig. She is agile, not built.

Where did you get some of these moves from? I based a lot of moves on original ideas that Jane would use based on her personality and past move-set. I have though used some wrestling moves that I found online to help. I will list the following which were based on wrestling moves.

  • The Boston Crab- WWE wrestler Chris Jericho used the Boston Crab in his move-set but you might be asking why I made Jane use it? Well, aside from it being super effective, it is also rather sexual if you consider the thrusts. The thrusts are used to stretch the opponents back more but it looks like you are humping the opponent. You can search up the move if your interested on how it looks.
  • Code of Silence- WWE wrestler Carmella uses the C.O.S in her move-set but you might be asking why I made Jane use it? The C.O.S is similar to a head scissor aside from the different positioning. It is used to choke people, like the head scissor. What makes it special is where the opponent is located. The opponent's head is located in between the user's butt or thigh and ankle. If your interested on how the move looks, consider researching it.
  • Head Scissor- While a majority of people use it, it's quite obvious why it is in Jane's kit. The opponent lays on the crotch of the user and is squeezed by their thighs. If you want to see how the move looks, consider researching it.
  • Standing Head Scissor- The standing head scissor is used as a transition move for powerbombs or pedigrees. The move itself is very strong and pretty underrated. The user takes the opponent's head under there hip in between their thighs and then squeezes. I added it to Jane's kit due to how erotic this move is. In simpler terms, Jane can put Ivan under her butt and in between her thighs which she enjoys doing considering how in the first game, she laughs at Ivan when he is under her buttocks. If you wish to see how the move looks, consider researching it.
  • Sleeper Hold- WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler uses the sleeper hold in his move-set. The user wraps his/her arm around the opponent's neck. Then you can choke them standing or fall to the ground and wrap your legs around them. The reason on why I chose this move was on how Jane is an assassin, along with Jane wrapping her legs around Ivan while choking him. It fits her well and its why its in her kit. If you want to see more on this move, consider researching it.
  • Headlock- Like the standing head scissor, the headlock is a transition move for DDT's or suplexes. It is very effective at make opponents submit. The user grabs the opponent's head and places it under there armpit. Then they can squeeze the neck and choke the opponent. Paired with a body press, this move is very erotic. Think of it like this. Jane wields Ivan in a headlock, pressed into a wall. Ivan is yielded under Jane's armpit. If you want to learn more on this move, consider researching it.
  • Piledriver- WWE wrestler The Undertaker uses the piledriver in his move-set. It is used as a damage inflict-er but I changed it to make it a little more erotic. The user picks up the opponent until they are upside down. Then they crash down and the opponent's head is severely damaged. I changed it for Jane to add a strangle and to make it more erotic. Simply Jane does the pile-driver but smothers Ivan in her crotch because he is upside down. You may be saying on how she did it with my strength rule. Well she would perform it ratherly quick until the smothering portion of the move. If you wish to see more about the move, consider researching it.
  • Dis-arm-her- WWE wrestler Becky Lynch uses the dis-arm-her in her move-set. The user usually grabs a weakened opponent or counters an opponent's attack into this move. Think of it as an armbar, except the user sitting on top of the opponent stretching the arm. I had Jane use this in her kit because it is a very fast paced me, and very deadly outcomes. If you are interested in learning about this move more, consider researching it.
  • Stinkface- WWE wrestler Rikishi uses the stinkface in his move-set. The user finds an opponent that is sitting in a corner. Then the user places their rear on the opponent's face, smothering them for a few seconds until getting up. The user also as permission to fart on the opponent's face, adding to the embarrassment. It is fairly obvious why Jane uses it. Jane smothering her buttocks on Ivan's face, smothering him. She can even fart on his face while doing it. Ivan is restrained under Jane's butt and can do what she pleases with Ivan. If you are interested in learning more about this move, consider searching it up.

Bonus Grapples Voice Lines- I have made at least one for every standard kit grapple and an occasional environmental voice line.

  • If Jane successfully performs her first cinematic attack, she has a chance to say the following: "Let's get close and personal Ivan."
  • If Jane successfully performs her second strangle attack, she has a chance to say the following: "Let me take the wheel of your humiliation Ivan."
  • If Jane successfully performs her third strangle attack, she has a chance to say the following: "Trapped within my thighs Ivan?"
  • If Jane successfully performs her fifth strangle attack, she has the chance to say the following:"What Ivan, I can't hear you, maybe stop muffling your voice."
  • If Jane successfully performs her first environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: Ivan, I'm squeezing you out so much, I'm pretty much leeching off of your life force."
  • If Jane successfully performs her third environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Wielded under my arm? That's where you belong."
  • If Jane successfully performs her fifth environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Let's take a dip in the water Ivan. The lake can't bring you down, but I can."
  • If Jane successfully performs her seventh environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Take a drink in there, matter of a fact, I'll make you."
  • If Jane successfully performs her ninth environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Enjoying the view Ivan, it's the last you'll ever see."
  • If Jane successfully performs her tenth environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Take a rest Ivan, just let fate occur."
  • If Jane successfully performs her twelfth environmental strangle, she has a chance to say the following: "Trapped under my waist Ivan? How pathetic, I might just end it here."
  • If Jane successfully performs her fourteenth environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Ivan, you should look at the stars, oh wait, you're looking at something better."
  • If Jane successfully performs her seventeenth environmental strangle, she has a chance to say the following: "Come on Ivan, let's rest on the couch and relax."
  • If Jane performs her twentieth environmental strangle, she has the chance to say the following: "Can't keep up Ivan, before you know it , I will be on top of you once more."

Quotes Edit

  • "Hello, Ivan. It's been years since you've come to my bedroom." -to Ivan prior to the fight against her
  • "I know you like the lights on... but I move so much better in the dark."
  • "Do you like my eyes? A gift from the Soviets."

Trivia Edit

  • The name Jane Doe and its male equivalent John Doe are used in several cases for a person whose names are withheld or otherwise unknown. One such circumstance would be a dead body that has yet to be identified.
  • Curiously, Ivan does not kill her after defeating her in battle. He instead slashes her eyes out after she weakly approaches him with a knife. Combined with her quote regarding Ivan coming to her bedroom, it is hinted that she and Ivan may have had an intimate relationship behind Big Mouse's back.
  • Jane's Japanese voice actress, Hiromi Tsuru, is well known as the voice of Bulma in Dragon Ball Z and Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid.
  • She is probably the one speaking to the President of the United States during the epilogue, as she is the only known remaining member of S.O.D. left.
  • She tends to be one of the most famous of the bosses due to her appealing outfit and battle tactics with most videos having the thumbnail of her revealing her battle outfit.
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