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Jack is background character in Devil's Third and served as member of Delta Force.

Background Edit

As with other members of Delta Force, Jack's real name and history are kept secret for security reasons.

Plot Edit

Strike on Braat Island: (Mission 3) Edit

Jack participated with Delta Force to find out where C4 was. When the aircraft crash landed, Jack was the last one to exit out of plane. He uses rocket launcher to defeat S.O.D Lavs. Once Ivan and Delta Force taken out the Lavs, Jack was standing next to Bob and was pleased with Ivan.

Mission 5: Edit

Jack made a quick appearance right as Ivan and Delta Force hid in cover and found C4 Helicopter. He handed Ivan a machine turret to be used on C4's Helicopter. He told Ivan "you want to do the honors?"

Fate: (Mission 7) Edit

Jack was last seen when Delta force later meet up with Stella to leave the Zenit Security and to find Ivan former master Isaac. Before entering the helicopter. S.O.D's tanks destroyed their ride and were set up in an ambush. During the cross fire Bob command Jack and remaining Delta Soldiers to hold off their position to let Ivan and Stella Escape. Jack was shot down from S.O.D tanks, and caught in mini explosion caused by the tanks. He was last member of Delta force to be killed. Jim witness Jack getting shot.
Jack Death

Jack's death with Jim and Bob to the right.

Abilities Edit

Jack is clad in the standard U.S. military exo-suit, thus granting him enhanced strength and agility. He is only seen with a rocket launcher and portable turret. Jack is able to hold off the S.O.D forces' tanks for while during an ambush in mission 7, until he was killed by one of them.

Personality Edit

Jack was only seen during the campaign's cut scenes so little of his personality is shown. In mission 5 Jack shows that he trust Ivan by handing him a turret to get the mission done.

Quotes Edit

  • "You want to do the honors?" - Jack offering Ivan to take the machine turret to destroy the helicopter.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack helmet number is C01.
  • Jack was the last Delta solider to die in mission 7.
  • Its proven that Delta C01 is Jack when you compare his voice during game-play (Mission 3) and with his one line in the cut-scene (Mission 5), it is very similar. You will need subtitles on to help figure out who is talking since their names are listed each time they speak.
  • Jack is never seen during actual game-play.
  • Jack is the tallest member of Delta Force.
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