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The Guinea Pig was a hideous mutant creature created by the School of Democracy, likely through the same experiments that created the Chimera encountered throughout Mission 4. It was encountered by Ivan and Nick and managed to kill the latter.

It serves as the fourth boss of the single-player campaign.

Abilities/Combat Strategy[]

Though slow, the Guinea Pig is extremely powerful due to its immense size and can kill Ivan in just a few clean hits, not helped by the fact that it takes up most of the space in the room it is fought in. It is also capable of vomiting acid that can temporarily stun Ivan should he come in contact with it. Even worse, if Ivan stands near it for too long, it will grab him and bite his head off for an instant kill.

Like with the Chimera, the Guinea Pig is especially vulnerable to fire, making the flamethrower a valuable asset in the battle against it although regular gunfire is also rather effective and helpful if attempting to keep distance. The Guinea Pig can be stunned if it takes a great deal of damage in rapid succession, thus leaving it wide open to melee attacks.

It seems to take increased damage from melee attacks.

As such, an additional strategy for relative ease would be to keep large distances between Ivan & the Boss, then use an Aim Lock attack, then repeat.


  • Judging from a similar visual appearance and ability to vomit acid, it was possibly a prototype version of Sovershennyy.