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Golden Eggs are a form of microtransaction available in Devil's Third that can be traded for X-Gear, weapon 

Golden Egg

attachments, extra slots for Loadouts, cosmetics and Outfit Items online, or sold for 100,000 Personal Dollen

In the Wii U version, players start off with 30 Golden Eggs and will gain 1 additional egg per level up, 10 for every 10th level up and 30 for every 50th. They can also be obtained every three days as daily log-in bonuses if the player logs in consecutively. 

It is also possible to gain some Golden Eggs through the single-player campaign. 20 Golden Eggs are obtained upon completing all nine missions, 10 are obtained by collecting every War Trophy, and 1 egg can be found per mission through Score Attack mode. 

Golden Eggs[]

Golden Egg Amount Cost Saving
Gold egg.png1 $3.99
Gold egg.png10 $3.99
Gold egg.png25 $6.99
Gold egg.png50 $19.99
Gold egg.png100 $19.99