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Gil is a background character of Devil's Third and serve as a member in Delta Force

Background Edit

As with other members of Delta Force, Gil's real name and history are kept secret for security reasons.

Plot Edit

Mission 5: Edit

Gil participated to help Ivan and Delta force to get electricity back. His only appearance was that he try to open the door along with Bob and Sam before S.O.D forces attacked them. He followed Ivan, Jim, Bob, and Sam throughout the mission.

Mission 6: Edit

Gil is seen throughout this mission as well. He follows Delta and Ivan to meet up with a prisoner to get the power turn on. Before Ivan and Bob could meet up with the prisoner; Gil, Jim, and Sam provided cover fire to provide time for Ivan.

Mission 7: (Fate) Edit

Delta Force and Ivan next mission was in capture this base since it was one of S.O.D stronghold. They drove war jeeps to breech into S.O.D base. While driving there Bob got hit from one of S.O.D helicopters. Afterward, Gil treated Bob wounds right as Bob order Jim to detonate the door but was stopped Ivan since it would destroy the electronics in the room. At one point Delta and Ivan were walking towards two abandoned boats that were on top of the ice Gil was shot by one of Ludmillia soldiers. He was confused afterwards and noticed they were invisible. Gil was not seen when Delta Force was pin down. His status is truly unknown like Bob and Jim.

Abilities Edit

Gil the medic

Gil was seen treating Bob wounds in mission 7 giving the impression he has at least some basic skills on treated bullet wounds. Gil is clad in the standard U.S. military exo-suit, thus granting him enhanced strength and agility.

Personality Edit

Gil is seen during game play providing his thoughts of his surrounding. In the cut scene he seems somewhat reckless by not taking cover when getting shot at during Mission 7. Gil seems to freak out easily when he is confused.

Quotes Edit

  • "Where are they!?" -Gil after getting shot on the legs.
  • "I can't see them!" -Gil freaking out.

Trivia Edit

  • Gil's Helmet number is C04
  • Gil armor is similar to Bill
  • Gil replaced Nick after mission 4.
  • Just like Bill his face was never seen.
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