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Background Edit

As with other members of Delta Force, Delta Soldier B02's real name and history are kept secret for security reasons.


Mission 3: Edit

Delta B02 and Delta Force were on their aircraft to Braat Island their plane was shot down. Lucky enough all Delta Force members including Ivan and Stella survived. He was seen getting out of the plane shooting at S.O.D forces. He stood behind Bob after the battle as Bob was pleased with Ivan. He kept looking to his right.

Fate: (Mission 7) Edit

Before Ivan, Stella, and Delta Force were about to leave S.O.D forces destroyed the helicopter and pin down Delta Force. Delta Soldier B02 and Delta hold off S.O.D tanks while Bob, Stella, and Ivan were discussing there escape plan. As Delta was getting wipe out; Delta Soldier B02, Delta Soldier B01, Bob, Jim, and Jack were station to give Ivan and Stella cover fire. He was seen shot and shown fallen.

Abilities Edit

Delta Soldier B02 is clad in the standard U.S. military exo-suit, thus granting him enhanced strength and agility.

Possible Names Edit

  • Charlie (most likely but no proof)
  • Stan

Trivia Edit

  • His helmet number is B02
  • He only spoke during game-play of Mission 3 in the beginning if he is Stan or Charlie.
  • He appears to be shorter than some of the other members of Delta Force.
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