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The Delta Force is a American special ops squadron that was dispatched to eliminate the School of Democracy with the help of Ivan. They receive orders directly from Charles Caraway and are assisted throughout the campaign by Stella Maynard.

Members Edit

Bob - Captain [Delta A01]

Jim - 2nd in Command [Delta A02]

Sam - Demolition expert (KIA) [Delta A03]

Nick - (KIA) [Delta A04]

Jack - (KIA) [Delta C01]

Gil - Medic (unknown) [Delta C04]

Bill - (KIA) [Delta B04]

Delta Soldier B01 - (KIA)

Delta Soldier B02 - (KIA)

Stan - (Presumably KIA)

Charlie - (Presumably KIA)

Trivia Edit

  • In U.K version of Devil's Third, Delta force is called the Green Berets.
  • It is unknown who Stan and Charlie look like in Devil's Third but their names are shown as they talked in the background.
  • Its unknown if Bob, Jim, and/or Gil survive the events of Devil's Third's campaign.