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Charles Caraway is admiral in the US Navy, and head of an unnamed intelligence agency, Charles Caraway releases Ivan from the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay in order to bring the School of Democracy to heel. 

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Not much is know about Caraway's background, he is the admiral of the US Navy and he seems to hold a lot of authority in the US military.

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Mission 1 Edit

Charles reached to Ivan through the Prison's T.V at Ivan's room to give him a Job. At first Charles failed to convince Ivan since Ivan does not like prison riots. Jokingly Charles shown him his guitar that shows Ivan "soft side." In a limo Charles informed Ivan that his former allies the S.O.D were responsible for destruction of Earth's satellites. He handed Ivan his folder with secret info on main leaders of S.O.D. Charles took Ivan to a U.S military base and inform Ivan his mission on the trip.

Personality Edit

Admiral Caraway is very persuasive and resourceful as he gets Ivan to help him fight his former allies the S.O.D. He also somewhat brave as helps Ivan and Stella during mission 8, by shooting down enemy helicopter.

Abilities Edit

He is very bright and is able to lead strikes on enemy forces, he also is very good at flying aircrafts, seen in mission 8.

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