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C4 is a member of the School of Democracy and is seen repeatedly throughout the single-player campaign. She was one of Ivan's students during his time with the SOD, and she looks up to him as something of a father figure.

She is voiced by Rachel Bilson in English and by Sayuri Furukawa in Japanese.

Background Edit

C4's life before joining the SOD is left a mystery, but what is known is that she was orphaned at a young age. She was shortly found after her parents' deaths by Isaac Kumano, who took her in as his own and raised her to be a top-of-the-line soldier for the SOD. There, she met Ivan, who she grew to trust above anyone else. Also Ivan taught C4 how to use a sniper rifle properly.

During the city raid that resulted in Ivan abandoning the SOD, he and C4 entered a gassed hospital to find several dead children. This was the turning point for Ivan, and had C4 not intervened at the last second, he likely would have been killed. However, C4 herself was gravely wounded in the crossfire and appeared to die in Ivan's arms. Thus, Ivan surrendered to the American forces when they arrived at the scene.

C4 survived that fateful day, however, having been genetically altered through Big Mouse's experiments to be given a physical boost. As a result, she stopped aging at age 16. Though she continued to serve the SOD, she never forgot what she had seen that day, and she never forgot Ivan, either.

Personality Edit

C4 is rightly perceived as the most innocent of all the members of the SOD, showing a clear reluctance to fight Ivan and his allies and even going as far as assisting him in locating one of Big Mouse's underground labs.

Abilities Edit

Though she is never fought, C4 demonstrates supreme ability with the sniper rifle, and appears to be a competent pilot, as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Big Mouse's experiments, C4 stopped physically aging at about age 16. Chronologically, she is 27, thus making her the SOD's youngest member.
  • If counting a brief helicopter skirmish in Mission 5 as an actual fight, C4 is the only SOD member Ivan does not face as a boss.
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